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Busch Gardens Has It All

Busch Gardens, located eight miles northeast of Tampa, Florida is a must stop for beauty, adventure and fun. The adventures of Busch Gardens are based on African culture, wildlife, flora and fauna. From visits with lions, to the Budweiser Clydesdales, there is something to interest every member of your family at Busch Gardens.

Busch Gardens offers two kinds of bird exhibits for bird lovers: birds of prey and bird gardens. The birds of prey exhibit is host to falcons, eagles and other birds and is a wonderful way to view these majestic birds. Bird Gardens is home to exotic birds from all around the world. Visitors will be amazed at the magnificent rainbow of colors exhibited in the tropical bird selection. There are never truer colors than the ones found in nature and visitors will be able to experience this firsthand as they walk among the tropical birds at Busch Gardens.

The adventures in Busch Gardens are not limited to tourist activities. Educational camps and projects are also offered at Busch Gardens. Children from three-years-old through children in the eighth grade can participate in day camps. Pre-Kindergarten enrollees must be accompanied by an adult. One adult is included in the registration fee; additional adults may join in the fun for an additional fee. This is a fantastic opportunity for children to come in close contact with animals and enjoy craft making and quality time with mom or dad or grandma or grandpa!

The day camp for seventh and eighth graders includes a sleepover. These youths will get to see first-hand how zoo keepers work with the animals and clean their habitats and feed the animals, too. Kids who take advantage of a sleepover at Busch Gardens will be able to witness large cats on the prowl and hear the nocturnal sounds of Africa during their over night camp.

Field study trips are also offered by Busch Gardens, where adventure meets science and participants can interact with wildlife and learn the role of each animal in their respective environment. A live animal encounter is offered as well as a one of a kind trip on the Busch Gardens' Serengeti Plain in a jeep, just like you would experience on safari in Africa! The price is only $20 per participant, which doesn't include the price of admission to the Busch Gardens theme park.

Another excellent opportunity at Busch Gardens allows youth who are at least 13 years old to be a zoo keeper for the day! In this experience, teens will work one on one with a Busch Garden's zoo keeper and help clean the habitat, feed the animals and learn about animal training. The program is six hours long and the fee includes admission to the park, a tee-shirt and lunch. Height and lifting requirements do apply.

In 2004, a black rhino male calf was born at Busch Gardens, making news around the world, as there are 2,400 black rhinos alive today. In just twenty short years, the black rhino population has significantly dwindled due to poaching. Two decades ago, there were some 65 thousand. Due to these alarming statistics, the black rhino is considered to be critically endangered. Black rhinos are killed for their horns, which at last report were selling for $50,000 for both horns. Thus, in the African wild, conservationists tranquilize rhinos and saw off their horns so that they will not be killed. This practice coupled with captive breeding has increased the black rhino population by a total of 500 rhinos; however, there is a long way to go.

At Busch Gardens, you have the opportunity to see and interact with one of the most critically endangered animals on the planet. There are a total of five black rhinos living at Busch Gardens, including the calf's five year old mother, who was also born at Busch Gardens. The rhino calves feed on mother's milk for two years and their horns begin to grow in when they are about one year old.

After spending a day touring the acres and interacting with more than 2,700 different kinds of animals at Busch Gardens, youíll be ready for some down time. Be sure to check out the numerous concerts and shows offered throughout the year. When youíre ready for a bit to eat, there are almost two dozen restaurants to choose from. The Desert Grill and the Crown Colony Restaurant are two of the most popular dining establishments at Busch Gardens, offering diners the opportunity to gaze upon elephants and giraffes as they roam the African plains.

And don't forget the rides! A dive roller coaster that can travel at 70 miles per hour, SheiKra is the highest dive in the world! Adventure lovers wonít want to miss this 200 feet tall coaster, featuring a 138 foot drop through a tunnel with a big water splash finish. The ride lasts three minutes and is located in the Stanleyville location at Busch Gardens. There is also a nice restaurant called the Zambia Smokehouse from which, you can hear and experience the ride while dining indoors or out.

To make your trip to Busch Gardens more enjoyable, be sure to plan for the Tampa, Florida climate. The average temperature here is about 72 degrees with a high humidity year-round. Of course, the summer months are much warmer than that average and hover around the 90 degree mark for the months of June, July and August. Shirt sleeves can in general be worn year-round, but it is wise to carry a sweater or wind breaker with you during spring and fall months. Winter months can be around 70 degrees, but November is generally closer to 80 degrees for average temperatures. No matter when you choose to visit Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida, you will find the weather is very cooperative.

Busch Gardens offers many exciting adventures because it is not only a zoo, but a theme park with rides and roller coasters. Truly there is something for everyone at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida. From a conservationistís educational requirements to marine biology, you will find eager Busch Garden employees ready to answer your questions and share their knowledge of the animal kingdom.

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Busch Garden Birds

Great Blue Heron & Chick


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Tricolored Heron mating plumage


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Snowy Egret


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Yellow-crowned Night Heron








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