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Everything You Need to Know to Visit Disney World

Advance planning is an absolute must if you plan to visit Disney World for your vacation; especially if you will be traveling with young children. Disney World is a place of magical enchantment for all ages and taking the time to plan and bone up on the Magical Kingdom will make your visit even more delightful.

Depending on exactly what attractions you are interested in and how many days you plan to spend on your Disney World vacation, you may find that it is actually cheaper for your group to go ahead and stay on-site in one of the Disney World hotels. There are more than 20 hotels contained inside the park alone. Hotels and motels outside the park typically advertise room rates that are cheaper; however you need to take several factors into consideration. If you plan on hitting a number of the most popular rides or you plan to take in a specific event, it can be well worth it to go ahead and stay at one of the resorts located inside the park. Not only will you not have to worry about dealing with the traffic trying to arrive (which can be pretty intense), but you can also avoid the long entrance lines. Additionally, guests who stay inside the park are allowed to enter an hour before outside guests. Not having to wait in line and listen to kids whine can be worth itís weight in gold.

If at all possible, plan to visit Disney during the less Ďpopularí seasons. Due to school breaks, most families can only arrange vacations for themselves and their kids during the summer and due to this Disney tends to be packed. Late August through November are usually better months for making a trip to Disney as are January and February.

Walt Disney World offers some of the most wonderful and appetizing eating establishments imaginable. No matter what youíre in the mood for, you can be guaranteed to find it. One word of caution, however; the food prices can tend to be a bit more expensive than even regular fast food chains. If youíre looking to save a few bucks consider packing some snacks or having at least one meal outside the park. Another strategy that works well is having a large breakfast, munching on snacks you bring yourself around lunch time and then having an early supper. Bringing along bottles of water will also help you save some money.

When packing your day bag for the park (and yes, you really do need one!) remember to stash some items in case the weather turns. It even rains on Disneyís parade sometimes, in fact afternoon rain showers occur quite frequently. Pick up some cheap plastic ponchos and umbrellas that you can stash in your bag just in case. While everyone else is tramping around in the rain or opting to leave all together, you can be warm and dry and still having a good time.

Walt Disney World has so much to offer, itís important to think about which activities and attractions are most important to you in relation to how much time you have. One important strategy that can help you get the most out of your visit to Disney is studying a park map before you arrive. Make notes of event and attractions that begin at specific times. One of the most popular activities for kids is collecting character autographs. There are numerous planned opportunities to do so, but you do need to be aware of the times for each so that you can get as close to the beginning of the line as possible. Keep in mind that itís less expensive to pick up a cheap autograph book outside the park, or even a small blank notebook.

If youíre really looking forward to the rides at Disney World, seriously consider checking out the FastPass. This is a really great option that can keep you from waiting in interminably long lines for some of the most popular rides. The most popular attractions like Space Mountain and Haunted Mansion offer FastPass.

One of the most important tips you can keep in mind when visiting Disney is to remember to take a break towards the middle of the day. Disney World is huge, 47 square miles, and by the middle of the day youíll realize youíre exhausted. If you have little ones in tow with you they will be more than ready for a nap, whether they want to admit to it or not. This is a perfect opportunity for everyone to grab a siesta during the warmest part of the day and maybe a refreshing dip in the hotel pool after everyone is awake. You can then return to the parks in later afternoon, when it has cooled off some, feeling rested and refreshed and ready to have more fun.

Due to the fact that Disney World is so large and many times groups and families have divergent interests, itís a good idea to bring along a set of two way radios. This strategy allows everyone to enjoy those activities and attractions that are on the top of their list and still stay safely in touch.

If you will be bringing a child with you who is normally past the stroller stage but who may get tired easily, seriously consider renting a stroller at Disney. This is much easier than trying to lug a stroller with you in the car if youíre driving down, on the plane if youíre planning to fly. The cost is very reasonable, about seven bucks, and it will definitely make life easier on you and the little one.

Donít forget to bring along an extra change of clothing for everyone; if nothing else an extra shirt and pair of socks. This is a good idea even if you arenít planning to visit a water park that day. Between the Florida sun, afternoon rain showers and any other number of circumstances, itís nice to be able to change into something less Ďstickyí towards the end of the day.

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