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Lights, Camera, Action: Visiting Universal Studios

A visit to Universal Studios will take as close as you can get to being the star of your own action-adventure movie. If you like the heart-pounding adventure and excitement of block buster films like Twister, Men in Black and Jaws, your visit to Florida wonít be complete without an action-packed trip to Universal Studios. While the action and adventure rides are one of the main draws to Universal Studios, there is much more than adventure offered at this mega theme park. Everyone in the family will find something they love here; from an active night life scene to relaxed and delicious dining.

Five unique and separate islands make up a portion of Universal Studios known as Islands of Adventure; and adventure is just what youíll get at one of these thrilling locations. At Jurassic Park visitors can feel the threatening danger of a giant T-rex as it approaches. Hands-on exhibits give visitors the opportunity to examine dinosaur remains and even step into a pre-historic dinosaur nursery. Thereís even a prehistoric playground for the little tykes and Pteranodon Flyers for the more adventurous kids. The Lost Continent offers Dueling Dragons, a one of a kind roller coaster experience and Poseidonís Fury, an ancient temple that plays host to battle between gods of epic proportions. Youíll fall in love with the Flying Unicorn as you glide through an enchanted forest and a stop by the Mystic Fountain is a must. The Cat in the Hat is up to mischief again at Seuss Landing, where all the fanciful stories you loved as a kid are brought to life, bigger and better than ever before.

If the rides and exhibits at Island of Adventure arenít enough to get your heart pounding, there are plenty of behind the scenes attractions rides and even real live movie sets that will give you an adventure youíll never forget. Just a few of the interactive adventures include, Men in Black Alien Attack, Twister Ride It Out, Shrek 4D, Revenge of the Mummy The Ride, Jimmy Neutron's Nicktoon Blast, Terminator 2 3D Blast Across Time, Back to the Future The Ride, Jaws, ET Adventure and Earthquake The Big One. Each adventure ride allows visitors to feel as though they are actually taking part in the film, as the ride gives way and special effects attack, storm and thrill the visitors on board.

Twister Ride It Out is an absolute must when you are visiting Universal Studios. In this ride, visitors find themselves transported to an intersection in town with a tornado headed their way. The wind whips around and from the left a cow comes flying through the air! A truck jumps around in a gas station parking lot and BOOM! A fire encircles you! Watch out! This tornado is heading your way.

When visiting Universal Studios climb aboard the Men In Black Alien Attack ride. The ride seats six and you will be given a gun to protect yourself and Earth from alien invaders! Your car will spin and whip you around as aliens try to attack you from all sides. Beware, the steam breathing alien who will try to suffocate you with his breath. The aliens are attacking and it is up to you to save yourself.

Terminator 2 3D Blast Across Time is a 3D movie. You will wear 3D glasses and watch the action take place all around you. Feel the explosions! Watch the Terminator come out of the flames and confront you in your seat. It is "in your face" adventure that you will feel while visiting Universal Studios!

Back to the Future The Ride is an amazing jump in time. Ride along as you blast through the clock tower and into the land of Tyrannosaurus Rex. In this adventure, you are following the Back to the Future DeLorean through adventures that you never imagined. Back to the Future The Ride is waiting while you are visiting Universal Studios Tours.

If youíve ever wondered what an earthquake feels like, you can find out at Universal Studios. Watch out, though, because the train has derailed, itís splitting open at the seams and the damaged cars are headed toward you! There's an oil tanker sliding off the road toward your car, too and it explodes into a mass of flames. Just when the earthquake seems to be calming down, you witness the danger as a wall collapses and the Pacific Ocean seems to be rushing to take you with it. The gushing water is on it's way and there are no towels in sight! This is one earthquake that you will want to ride out again.

Cue the music. Dun dun. You are in a boat. Dun dun. There is something in the water. Dun dun. It's a great white shark and it is bent on extricating you from your seat while you are visiting Universal Studios! Yes, Jaws is back and it isn't safe to return to the ocean. Jaws follows your boat and springs up to try to bite you or the person in the seat behind you. This is one determined beast. The electrical arcs that he creates aren't enough to kill him. Jaws is just under the surface of a seat near you.

A visit to Universal Studios wouldnít be complete without a stop by Nickelodeon Studios where the game shows that are on Nick are filmed. The green goo and the white ooze are all around players in the games. And here is your chance to meet the lovable SpongeBob SquarePants. The adorable sponge is here to offer you a hug while you are visiting Universal Studios. He may even sing with you or offer to go jellyfishing or introduce you to Patrick or Gary, but you will have to come visit and see what is in store for you.

Animal Planet cable television channel can be enjoyed live while visiting Universal Studios. Animal Planet Live is a great show where you will meet a lovable and very funny Chimpanzee as well as birds of prey and parrots, a television camera carrying pig and other animals. Visitors are even encouraged to get up close and personal with the animals by participating in the show on stage. Selected audience members might find themselves holding a large boa constrictor from the jungles of the Amazon or petting a spider monkey. Animal Planet Live is your opportunity to witness the animal kingdom in a controlled setting.

While some of the more adventuresome rides at Universal Studios are appropriate only for older kids, the little ones havenít been forgotten. Curious George Goes to Town, A Day in the Park with Barney, Fievel's Playland and Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse coaster are all here to delight and thrill pre-schoolers. Laughing and learning are combined, along with familiar faces like Barney to warm the hearts of children and parents alike.

This is one theme park you won't want to miss.


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